Tales of the Vast [2021]

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Enter Maelon, a world shrouded in timeless mystery, where steel and sorcery clash for the salvation of its people as dire omens loom, threatening to obliterate all.

released January 4, 2021

Christian Pacaud - Bass, Orchestrations, Additional Guitars
Antoine Guertin - Drums, Guitars, Percussions, Additional Orchestrations
Jérôme St-Charles - Story and Words
Alan Owen - Narration

Music by Christian Pacaud & Antoine Guertin
Artwork by Mark Erskine
Graphics by Jean-Vincent Roy

Drums recorded by David Lizotte
Bass recorded by Christian Pacaud
Guitars & percussions recorded by Antoine Guertin
Narration recorded by Alan Owen

Edited, Mixed and Mastered by Antoine Guertin
Additional engineering on bass by Christian Pacaud
Additional engineering on guitars by Christian Donaldson

Story translated from French by Josianne Deschamps

Produced by Antoine Guertin

Special thanks to Lydia Andrew for providing precious editorial advice and to Achraf Loudiy for his eerie voice on Chapter II.