Sonance [2016]

Play 01 Play 01 The Veiling 5:40
Play 02 Play 02 Ancestral Circles 1:42
Play 03 Play 03 Shapes 5:02
Play 04 Play 04 Echopraxia 4:42
Play 05 Play 05 Balance 3:35
Play 06 Play 06 Art of Nothing 4:58
Play 07 Play 07 Filter 5:30
Play 08 Play 08 Welkin 3:46
Play 09 Play 09 Relative 4:50
Play 10 Play 10 Meridian 6:09

released August 21, 2016

Christian Pacaud - Bass, Programming, Additional Guitars (7, 8)

Antoine Guertin - Drums, Additional Guitars (3)

Antoine Baril - Guitars

Maxime Rochefort - Guitars

Jeff Ball - Violin, Viola

Music composed by Christian Pacaud between January 2012 and September 2015

Recorded by Christian Pacaud and Antoine Baril at Wild Studio (guitars, bass, drums) and Hemisphere Studio (guitars), May 2016

Mixed and mastered by Colin Marston at Menegroth - The Thousand Caves in Queens, NY, June to August 2016

Produced by Christian Pacaud

Artwork by Chris Friel

The infamous special thanks - here's to the people without whom this crazy musical expedition wouldn't have been possible, in no particular order:

Pierre Remillard for welcoming us at the Wild, offering his advice and expertise, and helping us settle in one of the most musically inspiring environments ever;

Jonathan Veillette for trusting us with his Les Paul AGAIN;

Alexis BC for the awesome studio session photography and video footage;

Vince Gagnon for being such a great help during the sessions;

Hemisphere Studio for providing additional guitar tracking and video mixing;

Jeff Ball for putting up with my stupid strings parts and nailing them like I hadn't thought was possible;

Chris Friel for graciously allowing us to use his unique photographic work for the album artwork. Copier Copié Échec Fermer