Morphose [2022]

Play 01 Play 01 Rite of Shards 7:38
Play 02 Play 02 Vestigial 4:48
Play 03 Play 03 Ephemeron 4:36
Play 04 Play 04 Ashes Swallowed 3:20
Play 05 Play 05 Zero Mask 6:45
Play 06 Play 06 Hollowing The Flame 4:34
Play 07 Play 07 The Catch 4:58
Play 08 Play 08 Idol Obedience 7:48

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released July 29, 2022

Catalog ID: NEF-67

Christian Pacaud - Bass, guitars, programming

Antoine Guertin - Drums

Antoine Baril - Guitars

Maxime Rochefort - Guitars

Jeff Ball - Violin, viola

Francis Grégoire - Piano on “Rite of Shards,” “Vestigial,” and “Idol Obedience”

David Lawrie - Marxophone on “Hollowing The Flame”

Austin Wintory - Accordion on “Hollowing The Flame”

Composed, arranged, and produced by Christian Pacaud

Guitars and drums recorded and engineered by Antoine Baril at Hemisphere Studio

Bass and additional guitars recorded and engineered by Christian Pacaud

Violin and viola recorded and engineered by Jeff Ball

Piano recorded and engineered by Serges Samson (Laboratoire audionumérique de recherche et de création - LARC)

Marxophone recorded and engineered by David Lawrie (Ishikawa Media)

Accordion recorded and engineered by Austin Wintory

Reamped, mixed, and mastered by Colin Marston at Menegroth, The Thousand Caves

Artwork by Is Mirek

Layout design by Greg Meisenberg

Rite of Shards



Ashes Swallowed

Zero Mask

Hollowing The Flame

The Catch

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